Twisted Wood

As a left-handed musician, Tom Wolansky often found it challenging to find instruments that truly resonated with him. In his search for the ideal playing experience, He would often find himself returning to an ever-expanding workshop- adjusting, converting, and building instruments to be a better representation of what he was looking for.

Tom continued to develop his talent for designing and building instruments, and resolved to make his creations available to musicians all over the world. Inspired by the landscapes of his surroundings in Alberta, he founded Twisted Wood Guitars- and set about manufacturing instruments that were as rugged, versatile and aesthetically diverse as the province in which he grew up.

Over the next decade, Twisted Wood Guitars made instruments with a single idealistic goal- to provide a high-quality product that would inspire people to learn, perform, and share music. Our instruments have been shipped globally, and played by musicians in every genre. Our greatest joy is the ability to meet, and help, so many players of Twisted Wood instruments.

Because each one of our creations has taken inspiration from nature, we believe that it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to preserve our planet. We are committed to offsetting our carbon footprint, sourcing sustainable materials, and supporting reforestation efforts to help maintain wildlife habitats and fight climate change.

Headquartered in St. Albert, Alberta, we aim to be a pioneering force in the creation of Canadian musical instruments, with a constant view toward innovation, improvement, and ingenuity. Each and every Twisted wood instrument undergoes a rigorous testing process and scrupulous inspection before leaving our premises- because our approach is, and always will be, entirely focussed around the experience of the player.

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