Heil Sound

Heil Sound is a modern microphone company specializing in professional-quality dynamic microphones and related accessories. Heil mics are trusted worldwide by Grammy-winning artists, professional podcasters, live sound and studio engineers, and satellite broadcast stations to reliably deliver natural, articulate, clear sound, and excellent rear noise rejection. Heil Sound is able to understand and meet the needs of these various areas because it is comprised of people who have experience as musicians, podcasters, sound engineers, and broadcasters themselves. Heil Sound is passionate about providing the best and most reliable sound possible.

It didn’t start with the microphone…
As with many business success stories Heil Sound began with one person, Bob Heil, who had a vision and an unrelenting drive to innovate and contribute to the concert sound world. Bob’s impressive sound career began at an early age. By 15, he was performing concerts as the house player on the Wurlitzer theater organ at the Fox Theater in St. Louis. He was also deeply involved in ham radio and began tinkering with electronics and electronic design.

Realizing that what got Heil Sound here isn’t going to get them there, the company embarked on a series of moves that would expand Heil Sound’s reach into new markets and territories. A worldwide distribution network was established and several new models of mics were introduced. Heil mics are now mainstays in satellite radio broadcast stations, recording studios, and podcast and streaming rigs. In 2018, Heil Sound celebrated 50 years in business, or as they put it, “50 Years of Maximum Rock and Roll.”

Today Heil Sound continues with their long tradition of working with artists – from Grammy Award winners to club musicians – as well as sound mixers and other professionals, who provide invaluable insight, to create products that make them sound their best. As one top sound engineer said, “these Heil Sound folks just love music and it shows.”

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