Author: Kristy Leusenkamp

  • Handmade guitars crafted in Italy

    Handmade guitars crafted in Italy

    M.I. Sales Europe B.V. is honored to be working with Paoletti Guitars to expand their business in Europe! Check out their website to see their beautiful creations:

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  • Expand Your Brand – The NAMM 2023

    Expand Your Brand – The NAMM 2023

    The annual NAMM show in Los Angeles is coming up, this year from April 13-15. If you’re looking for someone who can improve the establishment of your musical brand in the European market, let’s meet! Use the following link to schedule a meeting.

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  • The ISE 2023 in Barcelona is coming up!

    The ISE 2023 in Barcelona is coming up!

    Will you be attending the ISE and would you like to plan a meeting with us? Open the following link and we hope to see you there!

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  • NEW! IN-UNF!

    NEW! IN-UNF!

    Introducing the IN-UNF, an Ultra-Nearfield studio monitor system specifically made for use on your desk. With reference level full-range audio at 0.8 meters, a detailed, intimate view of your mix is only arm’s length away. The IN-UNF is specifically designed to sit on your desk, and your desk is incorporated as an acoustic member of the system. Reflections from the drivers to the desk to your ears are accounted for, giving you a perfectly clear picture of your mix that you can rely on to translate well. The IN-UNF consists of three main pieces: a bass unit and two satellites.

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  • Introducing the AFX-1 Analog Multi FX

    Introducing the AFX-1 Analog Multi FX

    The Analog Multi FX is an Authentic Analog Multi Effects Pedal, equipped with everything you need to get the job done on stage and in the studio. It’s got a Switchless Optical Wah, Distortion, Effects Loop, Stereo Chorus, and Echo. Even better; these are reissues of classic Morley circuits leading all the way back to the 1970’s. And speaking of the 70’s, it also has a new finish that pays homage to the original chrome Morley pedals. It’s Heavy-Duty spun stainless steel that’s built like a tank and looks great under stage lights. Each one is hand spun at our

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